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Kami menyediakan alat kesehatan untuk rumah sakit/dokter dengan merk Medcom, seperti tensimeter, stetoskop, infus, jarum suntik, jarum bedah, timbangan, termometer, kateter, pisau bedah dll.

Hubungi kami melalui email Pembelian secara partai akan memperoleh diskon khusus.

Produk Daftar Harga Pesan Barang

Syringe & Needle

Made of high quality non-toxic transparent plastic
Sterile by ETO, non-toxic
Smooth plunger motion
Comply with international ISO
Both three and two places are available
In superior quality by high accurate molding


ISO color code
An advanced low-angle bevel and a unique polishing process hone the needle surface for a finer and smoother cutting edge
Extra thin cannula, siliconized for easy insertion


O.D Gauge Regular Needle Length
12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 40mm
1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 1 1/8"   1 1/4" 1 3/8" 1 1/2"  
0.36 28G                    
0.40 27G                    
0.45 26G                    
0.50 25G                    
0.55 24G                    
0.60 23G                    
0.70 22G                    
0.80 21G                    
0.90 20G                    
1.00 19G                    
1.20 18G                    
1.60 16G                    


I.V. Set


Pediatric Infusion Set

Non-toxic flexible tube is made of medical grade PVC and resists kinking, curling and setting

Produced according to the ISO standard 8536-4-1998

Produced according to the ISO standard 1135-4-1997


I.V. Cannula

Color coded luer hub for easy identification according to ISO standard
Series of I.V. Cannula: butterfly wind, with injection port, pen type
Gauge of needles: 14G-24G
Thin-walled, sharp, smooth needle achieves a high flow rate of liquid and minimize the possibility of forming the thrombus
Tube with x-ray markers

3-way stopcock and heparin cap


Scalp Vein Set

Thin, stainless cannula, treated by silicon oil
Medical grade flexible PVC tube
Both luer lock hub/cap and luer slip/cap are available

Luer lock adapter and threaded venting cap prevent leakage, adding convenience and security

Smooth, thin-wall needle is designed for easier use with less trauma to patients and for a high flow rate with high viscosity liquid
Soft and anti-sleeping wings are designed for better doctor control and patient comfort


Surgical Blade & Scalpel


Shape of Needle

Suture Materials
Polyester (braided)
Silk (braided)
Catgut (plain)
Catgut (chromic)
Polypropylene (monofilament)


Surgical Gloves & Non-Woven Cloth

Latex, Nitrile, PE and Vinyl (PVC) Products

Latex Surgical Gloves
Both cornstarch powdered and powder-free are available as per requested. Comply with ASTM, ISO

Latex Exam Gloves, Powdered
Smooth finish provides superb tactile-sensitivity. Lightly powdered with edible cornstarch for easy donning. Bead cuff guards against tearing

Latex Exam Gloves, Powder Free
Texture finish provides excellent grip in wet and dry application. Smooth interior for easy donning. Powder-free eliminates powder related contamination in critical exam and minimizes latex and protein or chemical related allergies

Vinyl Gloves
Size: S M L XL

PE Gloves
Size: men, lady

Nitrile Surgical Gloves
Hypoallergenic, powder free, latex free and fragrance free
Strong puncture resistance without compromising enhanced perception and dexterity
Size S M L XL

Various specifications and colors are available
Name of Goods Specification g/m
Round Cap 21" 24" 47cm 50cm 14g/m, 16g/m
18g/m, 20g/m
Men's Surgical Cap 54 x 13cm 21 x 19cm 20g/m, 25g/m
30g/m, 40g/m
Ladies' Surgical Cap 60 x 11cm 25 x 15cm 20g/m, 25g/m
30g/m, 40g/m
Cap with Strap 22 x 53cm 22 x 32cm 20g/m, 25g/m
30g/m, 40g/m
Show Cover 38 x 18cm 48 x 40cm 20g/m, 25g/m
30g/m, 40g/m
Surgical Mask, 3 ply with strings 18 x 9cm 25+20+16g
Operation Clothes 115 x 140cm 20g/m, 25g/m
30g/m, 40g/m


Medical Tube & Catheter

Common Features:
All made of medical grade non-toxic PVC (thermo sensitive and transparent), with a high degree of flexibility appropriate to every specific purpose
Atraumatic ends are finished by means of strictly controlled process that guarantees very high quality and minimize risk of lesions during insertion
Color-coded funnel is for easy identification of size

Feeding Tube Fr4-Fr22
Stomach Tube Fr6-Fr14

Suction Catheter: Fr5-Fr24

Rectal Tube: Fr4-Fr22
Feeding Tube Fr6-Fr14

Suction Catheter

With control valve, round tip, without injuring patients mucosa
Size Fr6-Fr16


Foley Catheter

By soft, flexible pure nature latex 100% silicone coated, minimize encrustation against irritation
Specially formulated strong symmetrical balloon, resist compression
Colorful tip for easily identification
Professionally designed drainage funnel with tapered wall, for secure connection to drainage tube (urine bag)
One way valve accommodates a lure tip syringe, which provides easy inflation and deflation of balloon


Urine Drainage Bag & Colostomy Bag

Clearly graduation printing for easy identification
Made of transparent/white medical grade PVC
Specially treated outlet, make sure leakage free


A.V. Fistula Needle Set


Specially designed wings achieve the best control of the needle



Tube clips are for patient safety and doctor convenience


Super thin, silicone coated needle is processed with advance technology for finer, smoother cutting edge
Side hole is specially designed to avoid puncturing tissue when penetrating, and to prevent blood from seeping into the tissue


Gauge Length of Needle Length of Tube and Volume Color
14G 25mm 300mm 2.7ml white
15G 25mm 300mm 2.7ml blue
16G 25mm 300mm 2.7ml green
17G 25mm 300mm 2.7ml orange


Measuring Apparatus


Digital Thermometer
Featured with liquid crystal displaying digits, with clear reading, with accurate measurement. Being safe and non-poisonous

Measuring Range 32.0 ~ 42.0C (80.6 ~107.6F)
Resolution 0.1C (0.1F)
0.1C (36.0 ~ 39.0C)
0.2F (96.8 ~ 102.2F)
0.2C (<36.0C or >39.0C)
0.4F (96.8F or 102.2F)
Power DC 1.5V (SR41W)
Power Consumption 0.15mW
Battery Life More than 200 hours

Type RTZ-20 Baby Balance
Baby balance is specially used for weighing babies, and applied to baby's height as well. Made of good quality, designed of great beauty, it is a necessary apparatus in health care of babies


Desk Sphygmomanometer

0-40kPa (full 300mmHg) calibration enough for hard service
Precision instrument with errors no more than 0.27kPa ( 2mmHg)

Type RTZ-20 RGZ-20
Max. weighing 20 kg 20 kg
Min. value per division 0.05 kg 0.05 kg
Load platform area (LxW) 520x260 mm 560 x 300 mm
Measurement (LxWxH) 535x310x90 mm 590x330x200 mm
Weight 2.8 kg 2.8 kg

Type JGZ-120 Household Balance
Widely used in family, hotel, bathhouse and leisure place for weighing body, it is a health facility and an ideal gift as well

Type JGZ-120(A) RZG-120B
Max. weighing 120 kg 120 kg
Min. weighing 1 kg 0.5 kg
Measurement (LxWxH) 260x256x50 mm 300x235x64 mm
Weight 1.55 kg 2.17 kg



Daftar Harga Retail
Berlaku mulai 12 April 2002
(harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dulu)

Nama Produk Satuan Harga (Rp.)
Disp. syringe 1 ml, needle 26G x 1/2" 1 pcs 1780
Disp. syringe 1 ml, needle 25G x 3/4" 1 pcs 1780
Disp. syringe 3 ml, needle 23G x 1 1/4" 1 pcs 1380
Disp. syringe 5 ml, needle 22G x 1 1/2" 1 pcs 1580
Disp. syringe 10 ml, needle 21G x 1 1/2" 1 pcs 1980
Disp. injection needle 22G x 1 1/2" 1 pcs  
Disp. injection needle 22G x 1 1/4" 1 pcs 430
Disp. injection needle 23G x 1 1/4" 1 pcs  
Disp. injection needle 23G x 1" 1 pcs 430
Disp. injection needle 24G x 1" 1 pcs 430
Disp. injection needle 25G x 1" 1 pcs 430
Disp. injection needle 25G x 3/4" 1 pcs  
Disp. injection needle 26G x 5/8" 1 pcs 430
Disp. injection needle 27G x 1/2" 1 pcs 430
Masker 2 ply paper 100 pcs 33000
Masker 3 ply with tie 50 pcs 58000
Masker 3 ply earloops 50 pcs 58000
Topi operasi wanita (bouffant's caps) 50 pcs 60000
Topi operasi pria (surgeon caps) 50 pcs 60000
Suture catgut chromic 2/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Suture catgut chromic 3/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Suture catgut plain 2/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Suture catgut plain 3/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Suture silk 2/0, 75 cm 1 pcs 7800
Suture silk 3/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Suture silk 2/0, 150 cm 1 pcs 11800
Thermometer 72 OS Type 1 pcs 7800
Digital thermometer 1 pcs 68000
Tensimeter desk type 1 pcs 260000
Stetoskop dual head 1 pcs 43000
Needle for suture taperpoint (9-14) 12 pcs 10300
Needle for suture tapercut (8-16) 12 pcs 10300
Surgical blade (10-25G) 1 pcs 1800
IV cannula pen type (16-24G) 1 pcs 12800
IV cannula wing type (18-24G) 1 pcs 15800
Wing needle (22-27G) 1 pcs 4800
Timbangan besar RGZ-120 1 pcs 1150000
Timbangan bayi RTZ-20 1 pcs 430000
Timbangan injak 0.5 kg 1 pcs 90000
Timbangan injak 1 kg 1 pcs 90000
Timbangan bayi RGZ-20 1 pcs 500000
Catheter foley balloon 2 way (12-26Fr) 1 pcs 12800
Catheter foley balloon 3 way (16-26Fr) 1 pcs 19800
Set infus 1 pcs 6800
Set infus mikrodrip 1 pcs 8000
Set tranfusi darah 1 pcs 11800
Urine bag 2000 ml steril 1 pcs 6800
Surgical gloves steril (6-8.5) 1 pcs 6000
Hot water bottle 2000 ml 1 pcs 36000
Ice bag 2000 ml 1 pcs 30000
Suction catheter F8-14 1 pcs 6800
Stomach tube 16-22Fr 1 pcs 10800
Umbilical cord clamp 1 pcs 1800
Tes kehamilan HCG 1 pcs 4000
Identification bracelet baby use 1 pcs 1250


Daftar Harga
Kapas - Kasa - Perban
(Masa Husada - Nasaco)

Produk Satuan Harga (Rp.)
Kapas 25 gr 1 lusin 15000
Kapas 50 gr 1 lusin 27500
Kapas 100 gr 1 lusin 52500
Kapas 250 gr 1 roll 11500
Kapas 500 gr 1 roll 22500
Kapas 1000 gr 1 roll 41500
Kapas Hidrofil (Nasaco) Satuan Harga (Rp.)
40 x 80 yard 1 roll 85000
20 x 80 yard 1 roll 45000
Kasa steril Masa Husada 1 box 18000
Perban steril Masa Husada 5 cm 1box=100 pcs 40000
Perban steril Masa Husada 10 cm 1box=50 pcs 40000

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